Arizona Imprintables gives you the time and guidance you deserve. By understanding your goals and objectives, we formulate a realistic marketing plan utilizing promotional products in a cost-effective and efficient manner. We provide you with a comprehensive strategy for all promotional and marketing opportunities that might come up. Our experts will work closely with you to measure the effectiveness of your promotional efforts and make recommendations if any adjustments are needed.


Trick-or-Treat Items

These are the products that require no action or cost for the recipient. This is a handout product used solely for brand promotion. These products are still important because they have the capability of leaving impressions on your recipient. It is important to choose items that will stand out among the other trick-or-treat products that other businesses hand out.

Mid-Level Products

These products are given after an action is completed by the recipient and tend to be more valuable and hold a longer impression value. For instance, if you are in a profession where you engage the client and get facetime with them, you can give them a more quality product to remember your conversation with them. At some events, you may have certain products set aside if a deal is closed.

Premium-Level Products

Simply put, premium gifts for your premium clients! Give your client an item with a personal touch that will show them your appreciation for their time and business. The impression these premium gifts provide is priceless. We recommend having these items pre-purchased so you are prepared to thank the clients in a timely manner when your service is still top of mind!


Review the Effectiveness of What You're Doing

Our professionals ask you what you have been doing and how it has been working. We don't want to fix something that's not broken. We want to provide valuable ideas on how to modify the strategy to get better results.

Arizona Imprintables can help you allocate your resources so you have items set aside for specific events like trade shows, networking events, and client meetings. We want to enable your business to properly plan, prepare and perform at the most efficient level and to be ready to capitalize on opportunities.