The Swag Principle: Three Benefits of Promotional Products

  • May 16, 2019

Whether it’s a pen or a can koozie, a hat or a stress ball, we’ve all encountered plenty of promotional branded products in our every day lives. They show up in the mail from companies that want our business, they’re handed out en masse when sales reps show up to the office, and they’re in every swag bag at every trade show and conference in the known universe. Why are they so prevalent? Because they work.


Here are three simple benefits to using promotional branded products in your marketing:


1: Brand Recognition


Do you know how many insurance companies (insert your industry here) there are in the world? Or even in your town? Probably billions (whatever – we’re not statisticians, okay?). Well, at least enough that you have serious competition, and the first step in beating that competition is getting potential customers to remember your name!


A pen with your name and logo on it isn’t going to do the work by itself, but it’s one important element of a solid marketing plan. And if you do consistent marketing – branded products, local advertising, social media marketing, etc. – and stick with it, you’ll find that the customers you want will find your business! Whether they’re trying to figure out who to call to trim their trees while drinking from the promotional water bottle you sent out to everyone in your zip code or their neighbor needs a dermatologist and they just happen to have a handy branded bottle of sunscreen, your products can make a solid impact.


2: Cost-Effectiveness


Do you know how much it costs for regular, consistent television advertising at key times in your local area? Probably billions (whatever – we’re not ad executives, okay?). Whatever it costs, we can guarantee it’s much more expensive than having branded promotional products made.  It’s more cost-effective than print, television, and online advertising, and people like them! With more and more people canceling cable, not reading magazines or newspapers, and installing ad blockers on their browsers, getting your marketing into their hot little hands (or cold giant hands – we don’t know what temperature or size they are) is key.


Smart companies order high-quality products in large quantities, giving the opportunity to spend very little per product given the amount of exposure they’ll get.  It’s a marketing purchase that continues to pay out until you run out, and then it’s a simple matter to assess how it worked and reorder!


3: Tangibility


Do you know how many people intrinsically trust physical products instead of something they can’t physically grasp? Probably billions (whatever – we’re not sociologists, okay?). It’s true, though – people like what they can hold. And if you can hand them a high-quality physical product that they actually use, they’ll associate that positivity with your company. Whether you’re an accountant or a face painter, jeweler or a window installer, your business will be on their mind when they think about that great pen, hydrator, lip balm, mug, or whatever product you send their way.


When it comes time to embark on a comprehensive marketing plan, promotional products should be one important element. It doesn’t matter if you’re giving them away in contests, sending them out with sales reps, putting them in swag bags at conferences, or direct mailing them out to local potential customers – their effectiveness cannot be denied, as long as you do it right. And the best way to do that is to talk to the experts – we may not be statisticians or ad executives or sociologists, but what we do know, better than anyone is the world of promotional products. Your success is our success, so contact us today to get started!

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